April 6, 2021

Fun for Foodies

A quick post combining my love of food and photography. Below I have compiled some of the food I have photographed over the years. I made everything you see except those noted with an (*) .

Have fun getting ideas for breakfast, dinner and dessert.

Crunch peanut butter protein bites

Korean beef lettuce cup  

* From a baby shower I helped throw
Puppy paw buttercream cake

Chocolate camouflage cupcake

Cherry almond protein freeze

Grandma's strawberry pie

Baby's 1st birthday (giant) cupcake

The Last Airbender rainbow chip cake

Christmas cranberry cake

Island shrimp salad

Turkey, egg & spinach breakfast sandwich

Waffled sweet potato & egg omelet

Glazed oatmeal & raisin scones

Mint chocolate greek yogurt mousse

Classic chickpea hummus

Pasta e fagoli

BBQ chicken & slaw sandwich

Mickey M&M cake

Hungry Yet?

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